EP 17 | “Dear Virgil… you let us down”

July 5, 2020

Welcome back to the pod, this week we have some beautifully constructed waffle for you guys with the African prince Arenma, "the not so secret weapon". We start off the convo as per with how our past weeks went, with some of us giving our opinions in regards to the unpredictableness of dogs, manscaping and tryna collect this bread. Within the main section, we spoke on a certain twitch customer who injured a vital organ due to a repetitive strain injury. Then, we move onto the highly anticipated Pop Smoke album, we discuss his legacy and Virgil Abloh's creative exploits. In other music news we discuss our predictions on the new Octavian album. Grab a cuppa and Tune in.


 00:00—The Past Week

14:00—Twitch sued for $20 Mill. by prolific shoulder shaker

26:00—Pop Smoke


50:00—An Award Show For The Underground Music Scene




Muva - Green Tea

Falyra Bloom - Another life

Scuti - You Know 



Scoreperpodcast - US

t_yd_y - Thaddeus 

Scoreperperson - Nathan 

arenma_a - Arenma 

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