Ep. 18 | “If you die, I’m putting your kid in a V-neck”

July 14, 2020

Welcome back everyone for another pod, this week we start off with some poetic waffle written by Nathan during some late-night insomnia. Followed by a quick intro discussing current & future pod endeavours (Bad boy logo) and the reoccurring outbursts of racist violence in the US; black people being allegedly hanged/lynched in the US. In the main chunk of the pod we discuss an insane TV series called Ramy, relating themes within the series to ourselves, which are based on the general troubles of navigating life with faith as a millenial. We then move on to a discussion about death, funeral arrangements/scenarios, and whether a V-neck is appropriate attire in life in general, but especially at your own funeral. 


 Intro - 00:00

Introduction to Ramy - 16:50

Shortcuts in life - 20:00

The return to the homeland - 28:00

Experiences with death - 39:30

End of life wishes - 45:45

Close calls to death - 01:07:06

DMT & Psychedelics - 1:10:00

Outro - 1:23:00

Sleepers - 1:15:50

Nathan's Pick: Eden — Hope Tala

Thaddeus' Pick: Off — Hawa


@kaija_illustration — cover art

@scoreperperson — Nathan/Nigel

@t_yd_y — Thaddeus

@scoreperpodcast — Us

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