Ep. 19 | “Bones and Moss”

July 18, 2020

Welcome back to the scoreperpodcast, in this episode we reflect on the previous weekends antics roaming a now gentrified south, where we were presently surprised to see all the Tabithas and Hugos playing pat ball, en route to Babylon Chant down; leading on to a conversation about our ideal place in London to relocate in future. We end on an impromptu discussion about transphobia and test our inner prejudices; seeing if we can get to the bottom of an issue that tends to take the back seat in progressive circles. Shouts out all the supporters x


00:00 — Week Catch-up

09:40 — Babylon Chantdown

15:30 — London Spots/Neighbours

31:24 — The Whitakers

40:10 — I May Destroy You/Transgenderism

01:01:25 — Sleepers


Medhane — Na Fr

Ninioh — Lasso


@t_yd_y — Thaddeus

@scoreperperson — Nathan

@scoreperpodcast — Us

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