Ep. 22 | “Rented Dior Boxers”

August 22, 2020

Welcome back to the pod, this week we have an absolute raucous guest, a man that lives by no rules, and therefore has the ability to get us all canceled. He goes by the name James, and word on the street is that he's the best swimming coach in the whole of North-London. This episode we go through recent news which has hit some of our echo chambers, as well as largely broadcasted matters such as; Amazon delivery drivers shooting potential unwarranted shots in the name of love, the tory government crushing the hopes and dreams of the youths and whether you'd rather be a home-wrecker at Putin or Kim Jong Uns home (we don't want any smoke). Tune in and as always, Love x


Intro - 00:06:00

Billy steele gets lifted - 00:11:58

Amazon delivery man shooting his shot - 00:15:00

Renting garms - 00:22:14

Russia and Belarus - 00:33:56

Kpop training camps - 00:43:57

Cardi b and WAP - 00:51:30

A Level grading flops - 1:01:37



Sleepers  - 01:36:00

Zone 2 - No censor(E)

Sid stone - Better alone 



scoreperpodcast - US

Jamesdill_1 - James

scoreperperson - Nathan

T_YD_Y - Thaddeus


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