Ep. 26 | “Stop making memes and work on that CV b…”

October 17, 2020

Welcome back...... it's been a long time right? but we are here to stay with some more constructed waffle for you boys and girls. We would be surprised if you didn't get triggered within this episode, but that's the point, we want more engagement from some of our outlandish takes. We start off questioning taydays Gandalf movements doing up mysterious and ghost these last couple of weeks, all while making sure James behaves on mic, which is incredibly hard to do as he passionately rants about how he is not 5ft10 and how he held smoke from a group of children.

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0:00 - Where we've been?

14:10 - James' can't hack being 5' 10"

15:30 - Should Rishi Sunak be bussin you lot furlough for them soundcloud streams and that?

25:52 - Chastity Belt Hackings

41:25 - James gets rinsed by his swim teach class

48:00 - Sleepers



James' Pick: KwolleM, DC — Woolich Arsenal(DLR)

Nathan's Pick: Emil, A2 — Own Pace

Thaddeus' Pick: Leo Bhanji — Heathers





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