Ep. 33 | “Has your sibling ever stabbed you over frozen yoghurt though?… “

Ep. 33 | “Has your sibling ever stabbed you over frozen yoghurt though?… “

December 22, 2020

Welcome back for another pod, this week we are lucky to have Nikita on the pod again to talk our general ish. After the niceties of discussing shaw finally becoming employed and Nikita finishing her end of term assessments, we discuss the recent news that has found its way to us. Ranging from siblings beefing over 4G data ending in fatalities and the recent surge in demand for underground bunkers. We then close out the pod with Nikita speaking on her experiences with running her fashion business and how she's involved with the lucrative business her family is involved in. 


Time stamps

Intro - 00:00 

Underground bunker - 12:22

23:00 - Brother kills sibling over mobile data

37:00 - creating your own brand

52:00 - Family business

1:08:56 - Care package talk



ENNY - Peng black girls 

Jelani Blackman - Hello

Ep. 32 | “I’m divorcing my right hand…”

Ep. 32 | “I’m divorcing my right hand…”

November 28, 2020

New week same group of people giving insightful waffle on the mic, minus a very volatile James who has once again decided to just ghost everyone for a week. The episodes kicked off on a rejoiceful tip as Tayday says goodbye to his close companion..... his right hand...... and decides to edge closer to female human interaction as he fears he will lose his youth, his socialising skills, and the nerves in his palm. We then digress into the Grammy's vs Justin Bieber, to then end on what type of vigilantes we would be if given the gifts of superpowers. 

Tune in and enjoy  


Time stamps

Intro - 00:00

Grammy Nominations - 06:00

Dutchavelli DMs leaked- 20:18

Superheroes & Vigilantes; Do Great Power Come With Great Responsibility - 29:13

Tampons now free in Scotland - 48:52

Shemima Begum Returning? - 52:00

  Sleepers - 56:00

Bel Cobaine - Broken bridge 

Kwes.e - Dolce



Ep. 31 |  “Sainsbury’s must’ve thought it was Christmas in Nigeria”

Ep. 31 | “Sainsbury’s must’ve thought it was Christmas in Nigeria”

November 23, 2020

Welcome back to the scoreperpodcast, this week we start off the discussion talking about a dilemma a close friend of the pod is having, and yes the name may allude to it being a specific someone but we assure you this is not the case..... Shortly after, we ran through some of the comments under Sainsbury's most recent advertisement, just to hear the heartfelt attempts of Karens relating more to aliens and carrots than black British people. I can almost hear Karen doing a shaku next to her turkey right now.  Tune in for the rest x


00:00 - Intro

05:00 - Smaythans dilemma, which leads to a lot more dilemmas amongst ourselves 

17:30 - Tayday's initiation to the crack fiends

19:46 - Witnessing turd munching in the cell at work

22:15 - Sainsbury's advert breakdown

30:20 - Harry styles wears a dress for male empowerment 

44:25 - Covid fucked with my morals.... its strictly get the bag or die tryin

53:00 - Shmaythan gets fired even tho he's got 11 kids

1:15:00 - Outro

Sleepers 1:01:04

Jafaris - Glue

Tayday - Half Nelson (prod. Essa Weira)

Daisy maybe - Pasadena




Ep. 30 | “Octavian deserves to get beat out by 6 man…”

Ep. 30 | “Octavian deserves to get beat out by 6 man…”

November 13, 2020

Welcome back to episode number 30 of the Scoreperpodcast! After many technical difficulties we managed to record a banger of an episode for all you man. We discuss, in-depth some serious topics both in the news and in our own personal lives. These included, In house domestics that lead to broken bones, the newly cancelled Oct**ian beating women and what this means for him both now and in the future. We then pray for each-others countries for our own selfish reasons and talk about Cosmo Pyke spreading HIV knowingly. Tay then reveals he was previously employed working part-time as a sperm donor and we round off the ep talking about a potential Scoreperpodcast care package that might be available soon. 



00:00        Intro

00:48       James broken hand story

10:32        When can/should you challenge a parent?

17:47        Pray for our countries

22:02       Octavian is a woman beater - What now?

37:08       Cosmo Pyke spreading HIV

39:58       DIY tattoo guns at AA

42:00       Earning money for shoulder shaking 


57:31 - <3 Claudia Valentina Ɛ>  -   4:15 

1:00:46 - Maxi Millz  -   Burning Ears 

1:03:35 - Jeshi -  Look Like trouble


1:06:56       SPP MERCH COMING SOON 












Ep. 29 |  “I blacked out in my uber… I thought my organs were getting robbed”

Ep. 29 | “I blacked out in my uber… I thought my organs were getting robbed”

November 7, 2020

Welcome Back To The Scoreperpodcast. Nathans back to defend himself against the joint tryanny of Tay and James, his character should never be deformed when he isn't present, that's some fugazi antics. In a short but punchy episode, we talk all things current from Trump throwing his toys out of the pram as he looks to receive a worldwide L, to speaking on a situation where a young girl was abducted on her way to school and whether this trending topic should still be trending. Tune in for some laughs and hopefully some insightful comments.  Always chime in and let us know what you want to hear next, 

safe x



00:00 — Niceties and Nathan welcomes himself back

04:00 — Final Motive Before Lockdown

07:23 — Uber driver moving sus

11:20 — Absent Parenting 101

15:57 — Lockdown 2.0

18:00 — US Election

25:30 — Rape and Abduction in South London

39:45 — Tales of the AA

47:30 — Sleepers



Sad Night Dynamite — Mountain Jack

Elijah Bank$y - From me 222 you  


Socials – @Scoreperpodcast

Ep. 28 | “My mum tried to put my magic mushrooms in a carbonara…”

Ep. 28 | “My mum tried to put my magic mushrooms in a carbonara…”

October 31, 2020

Welcome back to the scoreperpodcast. With Nathan self-isolating whilst awaiting his COVID-19 test results, we were forced back into lockdown vibes with a virtual link up. Without him there to defend himself we discuss how Shaw spread the virus all over London and then jump into all things halloween themed. We chat about our maddest halloween experiences which included Tayday doing up firework wars on the streets of West London, and me getting force fed drugs by a woman twice my age. We also reminisce about the times in our lives where we were most shook and, how if things went differently Tay's marge could still be tripping now. As always we look at the funniest stories in the news this week, including the 5 year old who mistook her mums lube for hand sanitiser and shared around the class. Thaddeus also lies about seeing a witch in Stamford Brook and we rate each-other 1-10 on the Universal scale of Nuts.  

Hope you enjoy this ep and enjoyed this caption slyly cuz it took my(James) waved self like an hour to do x 



00:00 -  Intro

9:10 - Halloween Tales

19:03 - Times when we've been most shook

24:30 - Tay's mum unknowingly nearly puts shrooms in the carbonara

32:35 - Experiences with the Supernatural (are you attention seeking??)

39:20 - THE NEWS

39:35 - WNBA (is offering to lower the rim feminism) 

42:58 - 5 year old brings Lube into the reception class

45:30 - Out of 10 how good of a Nut are you

53:22 - Sleepers



kamal. — About the party

Kehlani — 24/7




Ep. 27| “Versace slip ons and £700 fifa packs “

Ep. 27| “Versace slip ons and £700 fifa packs “

October 24, 2020

Welcome back to another episode of the scoreperpodcast, we ain't gone anywhere yet and we are here to bless your eardrums with that exquisite waffle. After a round-up of our weeks, we dive into recent news surfacing through the grapevine; Boris wanting the big bad boy pay rise, Student Loan flops and Sars. Tune in to hear us reacting to some peculiar situations such as dying mid-nut (RIP Mr McConaughey) and then being as transparent and truthful as can be when discussing some social justice issues occurring worldwide. 



00:00 -Intro

07:00 - TFL bankruptcy

10:31 - Boris wants a pay rise

16:00 - Comparing yourself to others 

17:49 - Heart attack mid beat

21:00 - Dumb Purchases w/ the Student Loan

30:00 - Tales of the AA

33:00 - Social justice and Sars


Lex amor - Odogwu(Freestyle)

Sainte - Reference





Ep. 26 | “Stop making memes and work on that CV b…”

Ep. 26 | “Stop making memes and work on that CV b…”

October 17, 2020

Welcome back...... it's been a long time right? but we are here to stay with some more constructed waffle for you boys and girls. We would be surprised if you didn't get triggered within this episode, but that's the point, we want more engagement from some of our outlandish takes. We start off questioning taydays Gandalf movements doing up mysterious and ghost these last couple of weeks, all while making sure James behaves on mic, which is incredibly hard to do as he passionately rants about how he is not 5ft10 and how he held smoke from a group of children.

Remember to share the love, it goes a long way x



0:00 - Where we've been?

14:10 - James' can't hack being 5' 10"

15:30 - Should Rishi Sunak be bussin you lot furlough for them soundcloud streams and that?

25:52 - Chastity Belt Hackings

41:25 - James gets rinsed by his swim teach class

48:00 - Sleepers



James' Pick: KwolleM, DC — Woolich Arsenal(DLR)

Nathan's Pick: Emil, A2 — Own Pace

Thaddeus' Pick: Leo Bhanji — Heathers





Ep. 25 | “Don’t zap the zip”

Ep. 25 | “Don’t zap the zip”

September 26, 2020

Eli is back for another pod after a long period away due to studies, and this episode was one that we truly enjoyed. We discuss Eli's passion for journalism and the struggles of learning new skills, whilst also reminiscing on our experiences with public transport as yutes as we discover the Governments plans on potentially scrapping free/discounted travel for teenagers in London. We then go on to speak about the heavily anticipated PS5, and whether technology potentially has gone too far in terms of its development, and whether we will be reaching into our pockets to cop. Tune in. 



Ep. 24 | “What do you actually want from me”

Ep. 24 | “What do you actually want from me”

September 20, 2020

Welcome back for a smooth conversation with Nikita from the Bigger the hoop podcast. This episode we chat about the demands women have for men and various other things within the male-female relationship, such as certain multi-millionaires getting in their excrement bags. Tune in! 



Greentea Peng - Downers

Fin foxell & Safiyyah - Shout me




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